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Memory tuning

Pro.Monitor memory allocation

Please find below the necessary steps to set the Pro.Monitor (Java program) memory allocation depending on your operating system

For Windows

  • Stop ProMonitor Windows service
  • To set Pro.Monitor Java heap :
  • Go to [Pro.Monitor installation folder]\Promonitor\bin
  • Run pro_monitorw.exe
  • Open the Java tab
  • It is recommanded to :
    • Set (as shown in the image below) the starting JVM memory allocation at least to 512 MB (initial memory pool)
    • Set the maximum heap size (maximum memory pool) at least to 2048 MB.
  • These setting are ment to control the amount of memory Pro.Monitor (Java program) will use
  • Restart ProMonitor Windows service

For Linux

  • Stop ProMonitor using the command : systemctl stop promonitor
  • Go to folder : [path_to_ProMonitor_installation_folder]/bin
  • Edit the file
  • Set the values of -Xms and -Xms to the desired values (-Xmx to - at least - 4096 MB)
  • Restart ProMonitor using the command : systemctl start promonitor

8.2 - Pro.Monitor monitoring batches memory allocation

  • There is also the possibility to fully configure memory allocation to monitoring processes (scheduled batches)
  • To access this feature : Administrator Settings → Admin Configuration → system → Worker settings section
  • For detailed information visit : worker settings
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