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Monitors for SAP Control connectors

Java components statusJAVA_COMPONENTS_STATUSStatusComponent
Java instances statusJAVA_INSTANCES_STATUSStatusINSTANCEContains a TRUE value if the instance is available, FALSE instead
Java processes statusJAVA_PROCESSES_STATUSStatusPROCESSset to TRUE if the process is running, FALSE instead

Monitors for SYBASE connectors

Sybase backupsDATABASE_BACKUP_AGEMinutes[TYPE][DB]This metrics contains the number of minutes elapsed since the last dump of a given type, for a given DB
Sybase database sizeDATABASE_LOG_PERCENTAGE_USED_SPACE%[DB NAME]The LOG percentage usage of a given DB
Sybase database sizeDATABASE_DATA_PERCENTAGE_USED_SPACE%[DB NAME]The DATA percentage usage of a given DB
Sybase database sizeDATABASE_LOG_USED_SPACEGB[DB NAME]The LOG usage of the DB
Sybase database sizeDATABASE_DATA_USED_SPACEGB[DB_NAME]The DATA usage of the DB
Sybase database sizeDATABASE_TOTAL_LOG_SPACEMB[DB NAME]The total LOG space of the given DB
Sybase database sizeDATABASE_TOTAL_DATA_SPACEGB[DB NAME]The total DATA space of the given DB
Sybase file systemDATABASE_OS_USED_SPACE%[FILESYSTEM]The disk usage of the file system in percent of the total physical space.
Sybase performanceDATABASE_CPU_UTILIZATION%[PERIOD]The average total CPU utilization within a time period set as TARGET
Sybase performanceDATABASE_THREAD_POOL_IDLE_RATIO%[POOL][PERIOD]The average idle ratio of the trheads of the given pool, within a period of time.

Monitors for WEB connectors

PI/XI channelsPIXI_CHANNEL_STATUSChannel status[STATE][CHANNEL][SERVICE][PARTY][LOG]Sends TRUE if the rule generated an alarm, FALSE instead
PI/XI channelsPIXI_CHANNEL_STATUS_COUNTChannel errors[STATE][CHANNEL][SERVICE][PARTY][LOG]Sends the number of channels matching the filter
PI/XI consumer cache statusPIXI_CONSUMMER_CACHE_STATUSConsummer cache statusCACHESends TRUE if the cache has an OK status, FALSE instead.
PI/XI messages JAVAPIXI_JAVA_MESSAGE_STATUSMessage errors[STATUS][PERIOD][SENDER][RECEIVER][INTERFACE]Sends TRUE if the corresponding rule generated an alarm, FALSE instead
PI/XI messages JAVAPIXI_JAVA_MESSAGE_STATUS_COUNTStatus[STATUS][PERIOD][SENDER][RECEIVER][INTERFACE]Sends the number of messages matching the filter

Monitors for HANA connectors

Database CPU utilizationDB_CPU_UTILIZATIONPercentHOSTSends the CPU utilization per node
Database CPU utilizationDB_CPU_UTILIZATION_PER_SERVICEPercentHOST - SERVICESends the CPU utilization per service
Database CPU utilizationDB_CPU_UTILIZATION_SMOOTHED_PER_SERVICEPercentHOST - SERVICESends the CPU utilization smoothed over a period, per service
Database disk usageDISK_DATA_USED_SPACEPercent or Mega BytesHOSTSends disk usage of DATA
Database disk usageDISK_LOG_PERCENTAGE_USEDPercent or Mega BytesHOSTSends disk usage ratio of LOG
Database disk usageDISK_LOG_USED_SPACEPercent or Mega BytesHOSTSends disk usage of LOG
Database disk usageDISK_TRACE_PERCENTAGE_USEDPercent or Mega BytesHOSTSends disk usage ratio of TRACE
Database disk usageDISK_TRACE_USED_SPACEPercent or Mega BytesHOSTSends disk usage of TRACE
Database disk usageDISK_DATA_BACKUP_PERCENTAGE_USEDPercent or Mega BytesHOSTSends disk usage ratio of DATA_BACKUP
Database disk usageDISK_DATA_BACKUP_USED_SPACEPercent or Mega BytesHOSTSends disk usage of DATA_BACKUP
Database disk usageDISK_LOG_BACKUP_PERCENTAGE_USEDPercent or Mega BytesHOSTSends disk usage ratio of LOG_BACKUP
Database disk usageDISK_LOG_BACKUP_USED_SPACEPercent or Mega BytesHOSTSends disk usage of LOG_BACKUP
Database memory utilizationMEMORY_PERCENTAGEUSEDPercent or Mega BytesHOSTSends memory usage ratio per host
Database memory utilizationMEMORY_USEDPercent or Mega BytesHOST - SERVICESends memory used space
Database memory utilizationMEMORY_PERCENTAGEUSED_PER_SERVICEPercent or Mega BytesHOST - SERVICESends memory usage ratio per service
Database memory utilizationMEMORY_USED_PER_SERVICEPercent or Mega BytesHOST - SERVICESends memory used space per service
Database memory utilizationMEMORY_ALLOC_SIZEMega BytesHOST - SERVICESends memory allocation size per service
Database memory utilizationMEMORY_EFFECTIVE_ALLOC_SIZEMega BytesHOST - SERVICESends effective memory allocation size per service
HANA backupsLOG_BACKUP_DURATIONMinutesSERVICEThe duration of the last LOG backup in minutes.
HANA backupsDATA_BACKUP_DURATIONMinutesSERVICEThe duration of the last DATA backup in minutes.
HANA backupsTIME_SINCE_LAST_LOG_BACKUPMinutesTYPEThe number of elapsed minutes since last LOG backup.
HANA backupsTIME_SINCE_LAST_DATA_BACKUPMinutesTYPEThe number of elapsed hours since last DATA backup.
HANA backupsDATA_BACKUP_FILE_SIZEBytesHOST - SERVICEThe size of the DATA backup file.
HANA backupsLOG_BACKUP_FILE_SIZEBytesHOST - SERVICEThe size of the LOG backup file.
HANA connectionsCONNECTION_COUNT_PER_USERConnectionsUSERSends the number of connections per user
HANA connectionsCONNECTION_COUNTConnectionsHOST or USERSends the total number of connections per host
HANA connectionsCONNECTION_RUNNING_COUNTConnectionsHOSTSends the total number of RUNNING connections per host
HANA nodes statusHANA_NODE_AVAILABILITYstatusNODESends TRUE if the node is in a OK state, FALSE instead
HANA replication LOG retention statisticsREPLICATION_LOG_RETENTION_REMAINING_DAYSDaysHOST:PORTSends the remaining days before reaching retention limit
HANA replication LOG retention statisticsREPLICATION_LOG_BACKUP_DISK_FULL_REMAINING_DAYSDaysHOST:PORTSends the remaining days before LOG disk full
HANA replication LOG retention statisticsREPLICATION_LOG_BACKUP_DAILY_AVG_SIZEMegabytesHOST:PORTSends average size of daily LOG backup
HANA replication shipping statisticsREPLICATION_LOG_SHIPPING_DELAYSecondsSITE/HOST/PORTSends the log shipping delay
HANA replication shipping statisticsREPLICATION_LOG_SHIPPING_SIZEMegabytesSITE/HOST/PORTSends the log shipping size
HANA replication shipping statisticsREPLICATION_LAST_DELTA_REPLICA_SIZEMegabytesSITE/HOST/PORTSends the last replica size
HANA replication shipping statisticsREPLICATION_LAST_DELTA_REPLICA_DURATIONSecondsSITE/HOST/PORTSends the duration of the last delta replication
HANA replication statusREPLICATION_STATUSBooleanSITE/HOST/PORTSend TRUE if the replication status is OK, FALSE instead
HANA replication statusREPLICATION_IS_SECONDARY_FULLY_RECOVERABLEBooleanSITE/HOST/PORTSend TRUE if the fully recoverable status is TRUE, FALSE instead
HANA replication statusREPLICATION_RECONNECT_COUNTReconnectsSITE/HOST/PORTSends the number of reconnects since last check
HANA replication statusREPLICATION_FAILOVER_COUNTFailoversSITE/HOST/PORTSends the number of failovers since last check
HANA tablesTABLE_RECORD_COUNTRecordsSCHEMA.TABLESends the number of records per CS table
HANA tablesTABLE_DELTA_RECORD_COUNTRecordsSCHEMA.TABLESends the number of delta records per CS table
HANA tablesTABLE_DELTA_MEMORYMegaBytesSCHEMA.TABLESends the used memory per CS table
HANA tablesTABLE_DISK_USAGEMegaBytesSCHEMA.TABLESends disk used space per CS table
HANA threadsTHREADS_COUNTThreadsHOSTReturns the number of running threads
HANA transactionsTRANSACTIONS_BLOCKED_COUNTTransactionsHOSTSends the number of blocked transactions
Merge statisticsMERGE_STATISTICS_TIMESecondsSCHEMA.TABLESends the average time taken by merge operations within a period, for a given table
Merge statisticsMERGE_STATISTICS_COUNTOccurenceSCHEMA.TABLESends the number of merge operations occurred for a given table within a period.
Services statusSERVICE_STATUSService statusSERVICESends TRUE if the service is OK, FALSE instead

Monitors for BO connectors

Concurrent usersBO_CONCURENT_USERSSessions[userName]Metric with the number of sessions per user.
SchedulesBO_SCHEDULESStatus[scheduleName]A metric with the state of each scheduled execution
Servers metrics[serverName]_[metricName] Metric nameMetric populated by BO configured to be monitored in Pro.Monitor
Servers statusBO_SERVICE_STATUSSTATEServer nameThe state of the server. -1 : The server is currently in an invalid state due to a configuration error. 0 : The server is currently stopped.1 : The server is currently running. 2 : The server is currently waiting for resources. This can occur if the Central Management Server is unavailable.

Monitors for ABAP connectors

ABAP instance response timeABAP_RESPONSE_TIMEMillisecondsTASK:PERIODThe total response time computed over the period
ABAP instance response timeABAP_DB_REQUEST_TIMEMillisecondsTASK:PERIODThe database response time computed over the period
ABAP instance response timeABAP_DB_REQUEST_TIME_RATIOPercentTASK:PERIODThe ratio of the database response time over the total response time
ABAP instance response timeABAP_STEPS_RATESteps/MinutesTASK:PERIODThe number of steps per minute
ABAP locksLONG_EXCLUSIVE_LOCKS_NUMBERSecondsTABLEThe number of exclusive locks waiting on the table
ABAP shortdumpsSHORTDUMPS_COUNTShortdumps[INSTANCE][CLIENT][ERROR_ID][REPORT]The number of short dumps occurred within the period and matching the filter
Batch inputsFAILED_BATCHINPUTS_NUMBERErrors[CLIENT][CREATOR][SESSION]Send the number of batch input sessions with error matching the filter.
Database backupsDATABASE_BACKUP_DURATIONMinutesTYPESends the last backup duration of the given type of backup
Database backupsDATABASE_BACKUP_SIZEMegabytesTYPESends the last backup size of the given type of backup
Database backupsDATABASE_BACKUP_STATUSStatusTYPESends the last backup status of the given type of backup
Database backupsDATABASE_BACKUP_AGEMinutesTYPESends the age of the last backup of a given type
Database sizeDATABASE_DATA_PERCENTAGE_USED_SPACEPercentSIDSends the usage ratio of DATA
Database sizeDATABASE_LOG_PERCENTAGE_USED_SPACEPercentSIDSends the usage ratio of LOG
Database sizeDATABASE_TOTAL_PERCENTAGE_USED_SPACEPercentSIDSends the ratio of total used space
Database sizeDATABASE_TABLESPACE_PERCENTAGE_USED_SPACEPercentTABLESPACESends the usage ratio of a given tablespace
Database sizeDATABASE_TABLESPACE_USED_SPACEMegabytesTABLESPACESends the disk usage of a given tablespace
Database sizeDATABASE_TABLESPACE_TOTAL_SPACEMegabytesTABLESPACESends the available disk space for a given tablespace
Database sizeDATABASE_LOG_TOTAL_SPACEMegabytesSIDSends the total available disk space for LOG
Database sizeDATABASE_LOG_USED_SPACEMegabytesSIDSends the disk usage for LOG
Database sizeDATABASE_TOTAL_DATA_SPACEGigabytesSIDSends the total database used space
Database sizeDATABASE_DATA_USED_SPACEGigabytesSIDSends the database used space of DATA
Database sizeDATABASE_MAX_SPACEGigabytesSIDSends the max used space of the database
DB Exclusive locksLONG_EXCLUSIVE_LOCKS_NUMBERSeconds[OBJECT]Sends the number of exclusive locks matching the filter
Dispatcher queuesDISPATCHER_QUEUES_PERCENTAGE_USEDPercentINSTANCE:TYPEThe usage ratio of a dispatcher queue (Nb of waiting requests/Max size)
Dispatcher queuesDISPATCHER_QUEUES_NB_WAITINGWaiting requestsINSTANCE:TYPEThe total number of requests waiting in the queue
Dispatcher queuesDISPATCHER_NB_WRITTEN_REQUESTS_IN_PERIODWritten RequestINSTANCE:TYPEThe number of requests written in the queue within the configured period
ICM status and usageICM_THREAD_PERCENTAGE_USEDPercentINSTANCESends the threads percentage usage
ICM status and usageICM_CONNECTIONS_PERCENTAGE_USEDPercentINSTANCESends the connections percentage usage
ICM status and usageICM_QUEUES_PERCENTAGE_USEDPercentINSTANCESends the queues percentage usage
ICM status and usageICM_STATUSStatusINSTANCESends TRUE if ICM status is OK, FALSE instead.
IDOC exchange monitoringFAILED_IDOC_MESSAGESIDOCS[CLIENT][DIRECTION][TYPE][PARTNER][ERROR_CODE]Sends the number of failed IDOCS matching the filter. Target field will be set according to how specific is the configuration
IDOC exchange monitoringWAITING_IDOC_MESSAGESIDOCS[CLIENT][DIRECTION][TYPE][PARTNER][ERROR_CODE]Sends the number of waiting IDOCS matching the filter. Target field will be set according to how specific is the configuration
Instances availabilityINSTANCE_AVAILABILITYStatusINSTANCESends TRUE if the instance is available, FALSE instead.
PI/XI messages ABAPPIXI_ABAP_MESSAGES_STATUSStatus[TYPE][CLIENT][SENDER][RECIVER][EMIT_INT ][REC_INT][PID]Sends TRUE if the rule generated an alarm for this filter, FALSE instead.
PI/XI messages ABAPPIXI_ABAP_MESSAGES_STATUS_COUNTMessage errors[TYPE][CLIENT][SENDER][RECIVER][EMIT_INT ][REC_INT][PID]Sends the number of messages matching the filter
Process Chains monitoringPROCESSCHAINS_DURATIONSecondsProcess Chain NameSends the duration of the process chain
Process Chains monitoringABORTED_PROCESSCHAINSProcess chainsProcess chain filterSends the number of aborted process chains matching the filter.
Queued RFCQRFC_IN_STATUSStatus[CLIENT][QUEUE][DESTINATION]Send status ok if the number of requests in error in the INBOUND queue is below threshold. Send failed status otherwise.
Queued RFCQRFC_OUT_STATUSStatus[CLIENT][QUEUE][DESTINATION]Send status ok if the number of requests in error in the OUTBOUND queue is below threshold. Send failed status otherwise.
Queued RFCQRFC_IN_ENTRIESEntries[CLIENT][QUEUE][DESTINATION]Send the number of QRFC entries in the INBOUND queue
Queued RFCQRFC_IN_ERRORSEntries[CLIENT][QUEUE][DESTINATION]Send the number of QRFC entries in error in the INBOUND queue
Queued RFCQRFC_OUT_ENTRIESEntries[CLIENT][QUEUE][DESTINATION]Send the number of QRFC entries in the OUTBOUND queue
Queued RFCQRFC_OUT_ERRORSEntries[CLIENT][QUEUE][DESTINATION]Send the number of QRFC entries in error in the OUTBOUND queue
RFC Destinations availabilityRFC_DESTINATION_AVAILABILITY_PER_ASstatus[INSTANCE][DESTINATION]The status of the destination per AS
RFC Destinations availabilityRFC_DESTINATION_AVAILABILITY_PER_SYSTEMstatus[DESTINATION]The global status of the destination. True if works from all application servers, false instead.
SAP buffersBUFFER_PERCENTAGE USEDPercent[INSTANCE][BUFFER]The usage ratio of the buffer
SAP buffersBUFFER_USED_SPACEKilobytes[INSTANCE][BUFFER]The space used in the buffer
SAP buffersBUFFER_DIRECTORY_USEDPercent[INSTANCE][BUFFER]The directory used space of the buffer
SAP buffersBUFFER_HIT_RATIOPercent[INSTANCE][BUFFER]The buffer hit ratio
SAP buffersBUFFER_SWAP_RATEPercent[INSTANCE][BUFFER]The buffer swap rate
SAP buffersBUFFER_QUALITYPercent[INSTANCE][BUFFER]The buffer quality rate
SAP change settingsSYSTEM_GLOBAL_CHANGE_LOCKEDStatusSIDSends TRUE if the system change mode is authorized, FALSE instead
SAPconnect (SCOT/SOST)MESSAGE_TRANSFER_ERRORError messages[CLIENT][TYPE][NODE][RECEIVER][SUBJECT]Sends the number of messages with error state
SAPconnect (SCOT/SOST)MESSAGE_TRANSFER_ERRORError messages[CLIENT][TYPE][NODE][RECEIVER][SUBJECT]Sends the number of messages with waiting state
SAP Jobs monitoringJOBS_DURATIONSeconds[JOB] (CLIENT)The duration of the job in seconds
SAP Jobs monitoringJOBS_STATUSStatus[JOB] (CLIENT)The status of the job exexution. TRUE if success, FALSE instead
SAP Jobs monitoringABORTED_JOBSAborted jobs[JOB] (CLIENT)The number of aborted jobs matching the filter.
SAP transaction timesTRANSACTION_AVG_TIME_PER_STEPAvg time per step (ms)TASK / TRANSACTIONSends the average response time per step for a transaction, a group of transaction or a task
SAP transportsSAP_FAILED_TRANSPORTSTransports[TRANSPORT][CLIENT][USER]Sends the number of failed transports matching the filter
SAP usersUSER_ACTIVE_COUNTUsersINSTANCEThe total number of user connection from any type, per application server and overall.
SAP usersSAP_USER_INTERACTIVE_COUNTUsersINSTANCEThe total number of interactive user connection from any type, per application server and overall
SpoolsSPOOL_REQUEST_ERRORSRequests[OUTPUT_DEVICE][USER]The number of spool requests in error
SpoolsSPOOL_REQUEST_COMPLETED_WITH_ERRORSRequests[OUTPUT_DEVICE][USER]The number of spool requests completed in error
SpoolsSPOOL_REQUEST_WAITINGRequests[OUTPUT_DEVICE][USER]The number of waiting spool requests
SpoolsSPOOL_USED_NUMBERSPercent[OVERALL]The spool used number
SpoolsSPOOL_BIG_SPOOL_COUNTSpool[THRESHOLD]The number of spool with a size greater then the threshold
Transactional RFCTRFC_IN_ENTRIESEntries[STATUS][INSTANCE][FUNC][USER]The number of INBOUND TRFC entries matching the filter
Transactional RFCTRFC_OUT_ENTRIESEntries[STATUS][INSTANCE][FUNC][USER]The number of OUTBOUND TRFC entries matching the filter
Update requestsUPDATES_ERRORSUpdates[CLIENT][USER][TRANSACTION][REPORT]Sends the number of updates matching the filter, having an error status.
Update requestsUPDATES_NOT_COMPLETEDUpdates[CLIENT][USER][TRANSACTION][REPORT]Send the number of incomplete updates matching the filter
Update serviceUPDATES_SERVICE_AVAILABILITYUpdate service availabilitySIDSends TRUE if the update service is running and with an OK status
Work processesWORKPROCESSES_PERCENTAGE_USEDPercent or Work processes[INSTANCE][TASK][STATUS]Sends the usage ratio of a work process of a given type
Work processesWORKPROCESSES_USED_COUNTPercent or Work processes[INSTANCE][TASK][STATUS]Sends the number of a work processes of a given type
Work processesWORKPROCESSES_FREE_COUNTWork processes[INSTANCE][TASK]Sends the number of work processes in WAITING state for a given task
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