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Release note


  • New authorizations and permissions management
  • Alarm post processing rules
  • System tagging
  • New email integration
  • Self monitoring for Pro.Monitor server, agents and plugins
  • New agent view with health and statistics
  • HTTPS certificate import menu
  • Sybase monitoring
  • Real time data acquisition monitoring (ABAP)


  • UPGRADE FROM older versions:
    • Due to some changes in the Java libraries, the database schema has evolved a lot.
    • It is strongly advised to install the V6.7 with a new DB and to recover your former configuration via a snapshot (see install guide)
  • You must provide SAP drivers for NetWeaver and HANA at first installation (see install guide)
  • Note that after an upgrade, some UI bugs can be experienced on your browser. If it is the case, try clearing your browser cache (Ctrl+F5 for Chrome/Firefox)
  • WARNING: With version 151 and 161 of Java 8, compression is broken with HTTP and HTTPS. You won’t be able to login to Pro.Monitor. As workaround you can:
    • Install previous/newer version of JAVA
    • Disable compression in tomcat configuration file Promonitor/conf/server.xml : switch to compression=“off” in the two <Connector> tags, then restart.
    • When using Pro.Monitor in a multi agent architecture, it is advised to upgrade all agents and server with the same version
    • DO NOT use an agent with a greater version than server

V6.7.7 Main changes

  • Release date: 06/12/2019
type description
Bug PI/XI: Fail to fetch channels by URL
Bug ServiceNow ITOM: Cope with new Insight explorer API
Bug SL1: Set old name back for metric BUFFER_PERCENTAGE USED
Bug HANA driver not loading on Java SDK13 / windows

V6.7.6 Main changes

  • Release date: 17/10/2019
type description
New Feature ABAP instance user memory monitor
Improvement Sybase : retrieve Database version when testing the connector
Improvement Hana tables: Improve request to fetch less results
Improvement SAP Report: Add finished jobs statistics / improve details
Improvement Graphite Plugin: Chunked sending and metrics cleanup
Improvement Persist Instance check last run date
Improvement SAP users: Provide alternative collector
Improvement SAP jobs: Improve duration aggregation
Improvement BusinessObjects: Add instance name in availability metric
Improvement HANA metrics: Add more granularity
Bug Abap Shortdumps and SAP report monitors - RFC_READ_TABLE error
Bug Fix HANA memory usage calculation
Bug Alarm rules: Filter returns true if all OR'ed rules are false
Bug Database Size: Out of bound exception
Bug LDAP: Check empty password
Bug Fix buffer percentage used metric naming
Bug Fix role for Sybase Monitoring for NetWeaver
Bug Max DB: Update CCMS path to reflect SID when used
Bug SL1: CCMS DB metrics names are empty

V6.7.4 Main changes

  • Release date: 16/06/2019
type description
Improvement PIXI Abap messages: Allow the set the max number of messages limit
Improvement SL1 Plugin: SID value is no longer limited to 3 Characters for HANA DB
Improvement Agent results forwarder: Improve robustness against bad connectivity
Improvement Monitoring reports: Add customizable date format
Improvement Add the possibility to zip report files
Improvement Reports menu : Add Permissions to make it visible to non admin users
Improvement Reports menu: Add the possibility to resend reports
Bug SL1 Plugin: Some Java metric names are not set
Bug Report email sending: Hanging SMTP server will block all requests

V6.7.3 Main changes

  • Release date: 23/05/2019
type description
Improvement Improved scheduling mechanism for intern jobs
Improvement Add an automatic retry mechanism for email sending of reports
Improvement IDOC report: Add error aggregation table
Improvement Add monitoring property file to tweak configuration
Bug BatchStatistics: Fix bogus logging message
Bug Lock of all Tomcat Threads
Bug Alarm count for plugin alarms not incremented
Bug Report: Rename “Number range” to “Spool”

V6.7.2 Main changes

  • Release date: 29/03/2019
  • Disclaimer:
    • LDAP configuration prior 6.7.2 might stop working as some changes have been done on the filters.
    • See LDAP documentation.
type description
Improvement Capacity Report: Add HTTPS transaction stats
Improvement Snapshot: Add a service to upload and apply at the same time
Improvement SAP jobs: Improve alarm message for aggregated abort
Improvement Monitor statistics : Include Rescheduled monitors in “Abort only”
Improvement Improve time zone management in monitors
Improvement Improve logs in Email sending service
Improvement Derby un-used space reclaim
Improvement Change tracking pagination
Improvement Improve promonitor users pagination
Improvement SL1 plugin: Improve cache management
Improvement Sybase connector: Use connector title as instance name
Bug System time zone: Discovered TZ are not standard
Bug Import configuration: Systems from renamed group not imported
Bug SL1 plugin: Sybase stack mismatch if combined with ABAP
Bug Alarm rules: Parse error if no date set
Bug UimPlugin: Plugin not restarted after snapshot apply.
Bug Java instance status: Improve alarm message for features
Bug Mail server password not loaded from snapshot
Bug UI : Order the list agent in download logs modal
Bug SL1Plugin: Fix incorrect hostname for hana system
Bug Default profile not cleared correctly
Bug Agent mode: Batch end signal received before all results being sent
Bug Hana connexion doesn't use the port connexion
Bug Logs download of agent from central returns empty archive.
Bug Cope with System/OS TimeZone discrepancies

V6.7.1 Main changes

type description
Improvement LDAP : New Logon Attribute field, Filter field accepting LDAP queries
Improvement Customizable chunk size for events sent to SL1
Bug DUAL stack not set correctly

V6.7 Main changes

  • Release date: 18/02/2019
type description
New Feature Sybase ASE database performance JDBC monitor
New Feature Sybase ASE database filesystem JDBC monitor
New Feature Sybase ASE deadlocks JDBC monitor
New Feature Sybase ASE database size JDBC monitor
New Feature Sybase ASE database error log JDBC monitor
New Feature Sybase ASE backup JDBC monitor
New Feature Add Sybase ASE default profile
New Feature Real time data acquisition monitoring
New Feature Agent self monitoring
New Feature Alarm rules
New Feature System tags
New Feature Agent statistics menu
New Feature HTTPS certificate import menu
New Feature New authorization management
New Feature New agent management screen
New Feature Improved Email integration
Improvement HANA backups: Improve messages to include tenant information
Improvement HANA Backups: Add tenant in alert / target
Improvement Custom SQL monitor: Cope with multiple result sets
Improvement Graphite plugin: Add a metric node for stack type
Improvement Plugins: Clear pending data upon stop or close action
Improvement SAP jobs monitor: Add more flexibility on metrics sending
Improvement Monitor statistics : Display group and system
Improvement Improve Agent robustness
Improvement Custom CCMS: Add option to discard obsolete metrics
Improvement Restart server: Add Confirmation screen
Improvement Companies view: Make table sortable
Improvement Modals: Do not close on click away
Improvement Custom logs: Use agent name instead of IP
Improvement Monitor statistics: Add a combo box to filter on an agent
Improvement Add help icons linked to wiki
Improvement Update java production profile
Improvement Set instance field for JAVA connectors
Bug ABAP connector: Connection problem when using SAP router
Bug Backup plan is not persisted
Bug ConnectorMetadata may consume huge space
Bug Agent disk/memory used size not accurate
Bug Local agent: Refresh of local agent metrics
Bug Update plugin data after creation
Bug Local agent gets workload instead of associated agents
Bug BO connector can't connect to V4.2 of BO server
Bug ServiceNow Plugin: Escape XML metrics
Bug Round error for HANA resident memory usage
Bug Crash when close monitor edit with escape
Bug ABAP buffers: One buffer is not processed by only one rule
Bug ConnectorMetadata: Some trailing metadata remains in Agent mode
Bug Hana CPU: Improve metric precision
Bug BO alarm: Wrong id used for server status and schedules
Bug ABAP AS restart not detected
Bug SL1: Set instance field for user monitoring
Bug Snapshot Backup: Failed to display backup period changes
Bug Snapshot: Manage version and generation date
Bug Graphite plugin: Fix CCMS metrics path
Bug HTTPS only: Agent fails to connect to server
Bug RFC destinations: Does not detect authentication mode
Bug SAP jobs monitor: Misses some jobs if TZ difference between SAP and Pro.Monitor
Bug ABAP shortdump report error : Exception when wp index is null or empty
Bug Killed jobs are not rescheduled immediately
Bug Plugins Stats: Alarm stats not properly reset
Bug HTTPS only: local connection using localhost will not work
Bug When you delete a profile already used, it disappear in the left menu
Bug Left Menu - Companies sub menu not closing
Bug Uninstall Pro.Monitor : Delete reports, snapshot, import conf, …
Bug UI Plugins - Rendering of plugins list error
Bug System view: Select all doesn't work with filter
Bug SAP Users - Single deletion not working properly
Bug On Company view, the company won't refresh after a delete or an insert
Bug System view: Company selector not sorted
Bug Joberrors: Table not filtered according to visible groups
Bug HANA System : Nodes lost after apply snapshot
Bug CustomSapControl: delta value is not working
Bug Plugins: distant agent plugin stats not displayed in primary
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