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Pro.Monitor logs


  • Change the log level
  • Download the files today’s and agents

Change the log level

  • From the top right, click on the setting icon
  • Select the admin configuration sub-menu
  • Click on tabs logs
  • Select your log level : ERROR, INFO or DEBUG
  • Set the time and click on Extend

Download logs

  • You can download the logs from any server or agent
  • The menu will order logs from servers in the first table and logs from workers in the second
    • Server logs: All about communication with users, scheduling of monitoring tasks, plugins.
    • Worker logs: All about the real monitoring tasks, connection to systems and analyse of data

Download today logs files

  • Click on Download today’s logs
  • The list will display only log files generated in the current day
  • Select the ones you need and hit download

Download custom logs files

  • Click on Custom logs download
  • The list will display all available log files
  • Select the ones you need and hit download
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