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Monitor statistics


  • To access this feature : Go to Adminstrator Settings (gear icon, top-right of the main screen), click on “Monitor statistics” menu option
  • This functionality allows the user to inspect all monitor batchs jobs and easily get a situation breakdown.
  • It is an usefull tool to supervise all agents workload

Monitor Statitistics main table screen

  • For every executed batch, which will group a given number of monitor jobs (see next section for details), Pro.Monitor will display a table row.
  • As shown in the below image, on each row you will find :
    • Batch start/end time and its total (all monitor jobs included) execution time (duration column)
    • The Pro.Monitor agent that asked to launch the batch
    • The number of jobs composing the batch (number of jobs columns)
    • Those that have been actually executed - not rescheduled - (Executed column)
    • Jobs that has been killed by the system (Killed column)
    • Those that have successfully terminated (Succeeded column)
    • The number of jobs that have been aborted by the system (Aborted column)
    • Jobs that have encountered errors or warnings during their execution will be displayed in Finished with errors and Finished with warnings columns

Details of monitor statistics screen

  • Clicking on a Monitor Statitistics main table row (see previous section) will open a screen having relevant information about every single monitor job that compose a given batch job, as shown in the image below
  • Use left dropdown list to select the number of rows to be displayed on the screen.
  • Status dropdown list will display only jobs having a particular status
  • Enter a text in Job name text input field to quick search for a particular job name
  • Enter a text in Connector name text input field to quick search for jobs related to a specific connector
  • Table rows contains, among other information :
    • Elapsed time between the moment that the job has been initially scheduled and the time the job result data has been received (Scheduled / Result received column)
    • Milliseconds precision time the job has been waiting on execution queue (Queue time)
    • Time (expressed in milliseconds) needed by Pro.Monitor to gather all necessary data to prepare the job result report (Collection time column)
    • Number of Alarms and Metrics sent by the job execution (Alarms and Metrics columns).
    • warnings and Errors encountered during the execution of the job (see next section for details)

Job details screen

  • Pro.Monior supplies the user with a third drilldown level by clicking on any Details of monitor statistics table row (see previous section)
  • Detailed information coming from all Alarms and/or Metrics (depending on job) as well as Errors and Warnings the job might have encountered during its execution will be displayed (see image below)

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