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A snapshot is a backup of the configuration, written into an exportable JSON file

It contains:

  • Monitoring settings (Companies, Systems, Connectors, SAP users, Monitors, monitoring Profiles, etc…)
  • Administrator settings
  • Pro.Monitor Users settings
  • Plugins

It excludes:

  • Generated reports
  • Monitor metadata and historical information
  • Logs
  • Statistics


The snapshot section of the admin menu allows to do the following:

  • Configure backup plan
    • Define when the automatic backup will be done
  • Upload and apply snapshot:
    • Replace existing configuration by the one in the snapshot
  • Create and export snapshot:
    • Create a snapshot file containing the backup of the current configuration
  • Import configuration:
    • Merge some part of a snapshot in the current configuration

Backup plan

  • The backup plan will define how often a backup of the configuration will be performed.
  • The backup operation consists of taking a snapshot of the configuration, which is stored on Pro.Monitor server.
  • To configure the backup, set its recurrence using the backup plan formular below.
  • If Smart backup is active, the snapshot will be created only if a configuration change occurred since the last backup

Upload snapshots

  • Use the upload button to select a snapshot file on your local system and upload it to Pro.Monitor
  • It will be displayed in the table of available snapshots. From this table you will see snapshot date, comment and if it was added manually or generated automatically.
  • Select your snapshot and press Apply, it will replace the entire configuration by the one set in the snapshot

Note: Pro.Monitor has been designed to 100% backward compatible with any version of snapshots

Caution: To apply a snapshot will remove any existing configuration, if you want to be able to recover it, take a snapshot before.

Take/Export snapshots

  • Press the Take snapshot button to manually create a snapshot of the configuration
  • The snapshot will be displayed in the table.
  • Press the Download button to copy the file on your local system.
  • This file can then be used to export the snapshot to another Pro.Monitor instance or to restore its configuration.

Import a configuration

  • This features allows to import groups and configuration from an existing snapshot.
  • Unlike Import snapshot, this will MERGE selected components into the current configuration, and not replace everything
  • This is a convenient way for exporting some configuration from one Pro.Monitor instance to another.


  • You have a Pro.Monitor instance called in this example Pro.Monitor instance A
  • It has in its database some companies, systems, connectors and monitoring profiles as in the image below.

  • You would like to merge to Pro.Monitor instance A another Pro.Monitor instance (called in this example Pro.Monitor instance B).
  • Pro.Monitor instance B has the following configuration :

  • On Pro.Monitor instance A : Click on “Import a Configuration” button.
  • Select the ProMonitor snapshot file containing the configuration of Pro.Monitor instance B to be imported.
  • The following screen will be then displayed :

  • Companies and Profiles present in the snapshot file to be imported (Pro.Monitor instance B) are displayed in two different tables
  • Companies table (left) :
    • Check on “Confirm” column to import the company
    • Check on “Confirm” column to import also the corresponding company configuration
    • Notice that checking on “Import Configuration” will automatically select all profiles affected by that specific configuration (if any)
  • Profiles table (right):
    • Check on the monitoring profiles that you want to import
    • At the top of the screen, you can enter a profile suffix
    • The profiles suffix will be displayed in Pro.Monitor instance A after merged
    • The colum “Used by” will display all company names that are using a given profile
  • Check on Import tags if you want to merge also the Tags
  • The application will then display a screen with all imported elements information (see image below).

  • More about Companies table :
    • Action : Informs the user about the action to be taken. There are three possible values :
      • Copy :
        • If a given company name to be imported is already present in Pro.Monitor instance A, the application will suggest to copy that company.
        • At the end of the company name it will added a numerical suffix.
    • Create : The application will insert the company into the ProMonitor database.
    • Ignore : The company already exists in the ProMonitor database and has the same Id.

As shown in the image here below, the result of the Import Configuration operation will be a merge of data from ProMonitor instance A and ProMonitor instance B

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