Servers status


In a BusinessObjects instance, servers provide services to the BusinessObjects application server.
If a server is not active, some key functionalities can fail. It is important that every mandatory services for the business are running.
This monitor will   watch server states and detect when one is not in its expected state for too long time
For example, you can have an alert when a server is in the state STOPPED for more than 5 minutes.

Configuration hints

  • Use the button “Load servers” to get the servers from your BO system. Then select the servers you want to monitor.
  • Use the surveillance table to define multiple rules. Each line targets one or several servers and can generate alerts or metrics.
  • Use the special character “*” to define a rule for all the servers <br/> The state “Not running” includes all the states excepted the state “Running”

Surveillance table

ActiveIf checked, the rule will be active.
ServerThe server(s) concerned by the rule.
StateThe state in which the server(s) don't have to be.
Max duration (ms)Amout of time (in ms) that a server can be in a forbidden state without sending alarms
SeverityThe severity of the alarm sent if the server is in the forbidden state for more time than accepted
Auto clearIf checked, the alarm will be cleared as soon as the alarm condition is not met anymore.
Alarm tagThis field allows to add custom text within the alarm message. %MSG% variable will contain the actual generated message and can be used such as: “my_prefix %MSG% my_suffix”. By default, tag will be used as prefix.
AlarmIf checked, this line of surveillance will be used for alarm generation.
MetricIf checked, this line of surveillance will be used for metric generation.


ActiveServerStateMax duration (ms)SeverityAuto clearAlarm tagAlarmMetric
true*Not running60000MAJORtrue truetrue

Effect : All the servers are monitored. If one of the servers is found in a state other that “Running” for more than 1 minute, an alarm will be generated A metric with the state of the servers will be sent

Generated metrics

BO_SERVICE_STATUSSTATEServer nameThe state of the server.
  • -1 : The server is currently in an invalid state due to a configuration error.
  • 0 : The server is currently stopped.
  • 1 : The server is currently running.
  • 2 : The server is currently waiting for resources. This can occur if the Central Management Server is unavailable.|
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