Database CPU utilization

Monitors the CPU usage of HANA database at the instance and service levels.

Configuration hints

  • Create a rule in the surveillance table to start monitoring CPU usage.
  • Use host and service filter to customize the monitoring for a given node or service

CPU utilization is computed at different levels:

  • Instance level: The combined usage of all services
  • Service level: The usage of each individual service It gives the possibility to monitor the current CPU consumption as well as an increase of the consumption over a given period of time.

Atomic fields

Auto clearIf set, the generated alarms will be automatically cleared from the console if the alarm condition is not fulfilled anymore

Surveillance table

ActiveIf checked, the rule is enabled and will be processed
HostCan be used to restrict the monitoring to a given host (multi instance case). A star (‘*’) will match any host
ServiceDefines which service is monitored. A star (‘*’) will match any service, and therefore, it will calculate the combined usage of all services. Otherwise, it is the usage of the specified service that will be calculated
Max current CPU (%)The alarm threshold for the current CPU usage
Max CPU over period (%)The alarm threshold of the CPU usage over the period set in the “Period” field
Period (min)The period of time used to calculate the CPU usage
SeverityDefines the level of severity of the alarm that will be generated if one of the thresholds is reached
Alarm tagYou can define some text to use as a prefix of the alarm message generated by the current rule
AlarmDefines if an alarm has to be generated for the given rule
MetricDefines if a metric has to be generated for the given rule

Generated metrics

DB_CPU_UTILIZATIONPercentHOSTSends the CPU utilization per node
DB_CPU_UTILIZATION_PER_SERVICEPercentHOST - SERVICESends the CPU utilization per service
DB_CPU_UTILIZATION_SMOOTHED_PER_SERVICEPercentHOST - SERVICESends the CPU utilization smoothed over a period, per service
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