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HANA backups


Backups are important for disaster recovery, you have to make sure that DATA and LOG are saved regularly. This monitor will look for the time elapsed between last backup as well as backup size and duration.

Configuration hints

Last backup age For LOG and DATA backup, you can set a threshold to get an alarm if the last backup is too old. Threshold and severity can be set separately

Backup size and duration For each type of backup, you can monitor size and duration and get notified in case threshold is reached.

Expected log mode You can define the expected log mode and get an alarm if the current mode is not as expected

Automatic log backup You can define the expected automatic log backup setting and get an alarm if the current setting is not as expected

Atomic fields

Auto clearIf set, the generated alarms will be automatically cleared from the console if the alarm condition is not fulfilled anymore
Log metricIf enabled, metrics will be sent for LOG backup statistics
Data alarmIf enabled, alarms will be sent for DATA backups
Last data backup thresholdThe threshold of the maximum age of the last DATA backup (sec, min, h)
SeverityLast log backup severity
SeverityLog backup duration severity
SeverityExpected log mode severity
SeverityAutomatic log backup severity
Data backup duration thresholdData backup duration threshold (sec, min, h)
Data metricIf enabled, send metrics on DATA backups statistics
Log backup duration thresholdLog backup duration threshold (sec, min, h)
Failures alarmIf enable, send an alarm if a backup is in failed state
Severity Severity of last data backup
SeveritySeverity of data backup duration
Log alarmIf enabled, send alarms for LOG backups
Last log backup thresholdThe max age of the last LOG backup
Expected log modeThe expected log mode
Automatic log backupThe automatic log backup setting
SeverityThe severity of the alarm sent for backup failures

Surveillance table

ActiveIf checked, the rule is enabled and will be processed
HostCan be used to restrict the monitoring to a given host (multi instance case). A star (‘*’) will matchany host.
Service: Defines from which service the backup files will be checked. A star (‘*’) will match any service.
Backup typeThe type of backup.
Max size (TB/GB/MB)The maximum file size. Unit can be specified: TB, GB, MB or KB. If no unit specified, the valuewill be assumed as bytes. If set to 0, the size won’t be monitored.
SeverityDefines the level of severity of the alarm that will be generated if one of the thresholds isreached.
Alarm tagYou can define some text to use as a prefix of the alarm message generated by the current rule.
AlarmDefines if an alarm/metric has to be generated for the given rule.
MetricDefines if an alarm/metric has to be generated for the given rule.

Generated metrics

LOG_BACKUP_DURATIONMinutesSERVICEThe duration of the last LOG backup in minutes.
DATA_BACKUP_DURATIONMinutesSERVICEThe duration of the last DATA backup in minutes.
TIME_SINCE_LAST_LOG_BACKUPMinutesTYPEThe number of elapsed minutes since last LOG backup.
TIME_SINCE_LAST_DATA_BACKUPMinutesTYPEThe number of elapsed hours since last DATA backup.
DATA_BACKUP_FILE_SIZEBytesHOST - SERVICEThe size of the DATA backup file.
LOG_BACKUP_FILE_SIZEBytesHOST - SERVICEThe size of the LOG backup file.
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