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HANA tables


To monitor table statistics is useful to detect potential performance or optimization problems. 
This monitor will check for the number of records and delta records as well as memory and disk usage of the column store tables.

Configuration hints

  • Add a new rule in the surveillance table to start monitoring tables.
  • You can customize the thresholds and severities per schema and table name using the schema and table filters.
  • You can set threshold for the following metrics:
    • The number of records
    • The number of delta records (not persistently written).
    • The amount of delta memory (space used by delta records)
    • The disk space used by the table The monitoring can be customized based on filter set on the schema, the table and the type of table (partitioned or not)
  • Also, you must set at least one threshold if you want metrics to be sent.

Metrics: Caution

  • If a “*” is used as table name filter, the number of metrics could be potentialy huge.
  • We advise not to turn metrics on for such case, but only for a subset of tables.
  • Metrics will be sent following below conditions:
    • Memory and disk used space is greater than 1MB
    • Number of records are greater than 5000
    • Number of delta records are greater than 500

Surveillance table

ActiveIf checked, the rule is enabled and will be processed
SchemaCan be used to restrict the monitoring on the tables within a given schema. A star (‘*’) will match any schema
TableCan be used to restrict the monitoring on a given table. A star (‘*’) will match any table
Table typeSelect the type of table to monitor between partitioned or non-partitioned
Records thresholdThe threshold of the alarm on the maximum number of records
Max delta memoryThe threshold of the alarm on the maximum number of delta records
Max delta recordsThe threshold of the alarm on the maximum delta memory (use KB/MB/GB units)
Max disk usageThe threshold of the alarm on the maximum disk used space (use KB/MB/GB units)
Delta timeThe period of time used to make a delta comparison of the measured elements
AggregateIf checked, one alarm will be sent indicating the number of tables reaching each threshold. Potentially, there could be one alarm per breached threshold. If not checked, one alarm per table breaching a threshold will be sent. Potentially, there could be one alarm per table and per threshold
SeverityDefines the level of severity of the alarm that will be generated if one of the thresholds is reached
Auto clearIf set, the generated alarms will be automatically cleared from the console if the alarm condition is not fulfilled anymore
Alarm tagYou can define some text to use as a prefix of the alarm message generated by the current rule
AlarmDefines if an alarm has to be generated for the given rule
MetricDefines if a metric has to be generated for the given rule

Generated metrics

TABLE_RECORD_COUNTRecordsSCHEMA.TABLESends the number of records per CS table
TABLE_DELTA_RECORD_COUNTRecordsSCHEMA.TABLESends the number of delta records per CS table
TABLE_DELTA_MEMORYMegaBytesSCHEMA.TABLESends the used memory per CS table
TABLE_DISK_USAGEMegaBytesSCHEMA.TABLESends disk used space per CS table
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