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Merge statistics


Merge statistics will indicate the performance of the system in persisting changes. This monitor will check for the time taken by the merge operation applied on each table to detect any performance drop in the merge operations

Configuration hints

You can customize the monitoring by setting filters on the host, the schema and the table The monitor will look for merge operations that happened since a time configurable in the “period” field Any merge operation longer than threshold will trigger an alarm if the host, schema and table match the filter.

Surveillance table

ActiveIf checked, the rule is enabled and will be processed
HostCan be used to restrict the monitoring to a given host (multi instance case). A star (‘*’) will match any host
SchemaCan be used to restrict the monitoring on the tables within a given schema. A star (‘*’) will match any schema
TableCan be used to restrict the monitoring on a given table. A star (‘*’) will match any table
Threshold (sec)The maximum delta merges time before sending an alarm
Period (min)The period of time in the past (computed from now) to look for merge operations
AggregateIf checked, one alarm will be sent indicating the number of merge operations reaching the threshold. If not checked, one alarm per merge operation will be sent
SeverityDefines the level of severity of the alarm that will be generated if one of the thresholds is reached
Auto clearIf set, the generated alarms will be automatically cleared from the console if the alarm condition is not fulfilled anymore
Alarm tagYou can define some text to use as a prefix of the alarm message generated by the current rule
AlarmDefines if an alarm has to be generated for the given rule
MetricDefines if a metric has to be generated for the given rule

Generated metrics

MERGE_STATISTICS_TIMESecondsSCHEMA.TABLESends the average time taken by merge operations within a period, for a given table
MERGE_STATISTICS_COUNTOccurenceSCHEMA.TABLESends the number of merge operations occurred for a given table within a period.
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