Services status

HANA services are the key components of the HANA systems and must stay available.
This monitor will watch for the availability and status of all HANA services

Configuration hints

  • Create a rule in the table to start monitoring services.
  • You can use host and sevice filter to customize the monitoring for a given service.

Surveillance table

ActiveIf checked, the rule is enabled and will be processed
HostCan be used to restrict the monitoring to a given host (multi instance case). A star (‘*’) will match any host
ServiceDefines which service is monitored
SeverityDefines the level of severity of the alarm that will be generated if the service becomes offline
Auto clearIf set, the alarm generated when the service goes down will be cleared when the service comes back again
Alarm tagYou can define some text to use as a prefix of the alarm message generated by the current rule
AlarmIf enabled, it will send alarm. You can use this option to only generate alarm
MetricIf enabled, it will send metrics. You can use this option to only generate metrics for a given service

Generated metrics

SERVICE_STATUSService statusSERVICESends TRUE if the service is OK, FALSE instead
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