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S/4HANA - NetWeaver

S/4HANA monitor are compatible with ABAP and J2EE stack systems, from version 4.6 up to the latest 7.50
  • There are 3 types of connectors for S/4HANA
    • ABAP connector : Connects to the ABAP stack with the SAP gateway and performs RFC calls.
    • SAPControl connector : Connects to the SAPControl SOAP API and makes web service calls.
    • Webclient connector : Connects to the NetWeaver administration portal.
  • Connector such as SAPControl allows to monitor multiple types of components such as application servers, Web dispatcher or ICM
  • For each connector, we provide a library of monitors

Monitors for SAPControl connectors

These monitors can be used to monitor components using the SAP Start Service framework such as ABAP, J2EE instances, ICM and Web dispatcher

Monitors for WEB connectors

Monitors for ABAP connectors

Monitors for Web service connector

Details about ABAP monitor scopes:

Monitor Scope Recommended
ABAP instance memory Cross client 000
ABAP instance response time Cross client 000
ABAP locks Cross client 000
ABAP number ranges Per client Production
ABAP shortdumps Cross client 000
Application logs Cross client 000
Batch inputs Per client Production
Custom CCMS monitoring Cross client 000
Database backups Cross client 000
Database size Cross client 000
DB Exclusive locks Per client Production
Dispatcher queues Cross client 000
ICM status and usage Per client Production
IDOC exchange monitoring Per client Production
Instances availability Cross client 000
PI/XI messages ABAP Cross client 000
Process Chains monitoring Cross client 000
Queued RFC Cross client 000
RFC Destinations availability Cross client 000
SAP buffers Cross client 000
SAP change settings Cross client 000
SAPconnect (SCOT/SOST) Per client Production
SAP Jobs monitoring Per client Production
SAP transaction times Cross client 000
SAP transports Per client Production
SAP users Cross client 000
Spools Per client Production
System Logs Cross client 000
Transactional RFC Cross client 000
Update requests Cross client 000
Update service Cross client 000
Work processes Cross client 000
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