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Custom CCMS monitoring


The CCMS from SAP can contain thousands of metrics and alarm configurations. It has often been widely customized and one may want to keep using its configuration. This module has been designed to discover metrics and alarm configuration from the CCMS and to re-use it as is. Alarms generated by the CCMS can simply be detected and propagated, or CCMS configuration can be imported in Pro.Monitor and extended from there.

Generic profiles can then be created and used on many different systems, from different departments or customers, while keeping a central configuration.

Configuration hints

CCMS sections: In order to configure this monitor, you will first have to define the CCMS section that you want to target. Use the “load CCMS sections” button to discover available sections from your system, then select the monitor name and monitor MS name.

CCMS alarms: To propagate all alarms generated in the CCMS, you can simply activate the Collect and forward all CCMS alarms checkbox. You can then customize if you want to generate alarms based on open alerts or on current status view of the CCMS

CCMS metrics: If the selected section targets a reasonably small amount of metrics, you can select Collect and forward all CCMS performance metrics to get all metrics of the section collected and sent.

If you want to select a subset of metrics from the section, press Load CCMS metrics button to discover all the metrics available in your system. The selected metrics will be added in the surveillance table. If an alarm configuration was found, it will be imported too. You can then customize the metric name, alarm message and threshold as you need.

For each rule in the table, you can send alarms and metrics.

Thresholds: The threshold syntax is similar than the one in CCMS: - G2W:50 → 50 is the threshold to set a WARNING - W2M:80 → 80 is the threshold to move from WARNING to MAJOR - M2W:70 → 70 is the threshold to move from MAJOR to WARNING - You can combine multiple rules: G2W:50 W2M:80 M2W:70

Severity letters: - G: Green - W: Warning - m: minor - M: Major - C: Critical

Alarm message: You can build the alarm message by using the variables declared in the metric path. Following ones will also be replaced: - %THRESH%: the threshold that has been breached - %VALUE%: the value of the metric - %VALUNIT%: the unit of the metric

Atomic fields

Monitor NameThe monitor name of the CCMS section to monitor
Collect and forward all CCMS alarmsIf set to TRUE, all alarm discovered in the CCMS will be propagated in Pro.Monitor alarms.
MS NameThe MS name of the CCMS section to monitor
Reload CCMS structure every (min)Defines how often the CCMS tree structure must be refreshed
Use open alerts instead of current statusDefines if this monitor must use current status view, or open alerts view to detect alarms in CCMS
Collect and forward all CCMS performance metricsIf enabled, all performance metrics from the CCMS will be sent within metrics:Caution: To use with care, it can produce thousands of metrics rapidly.

Surveillance table

ActiveTo enable or disable a rule
Monitor tree elementThe path to the monitor tree element as discovered in the CCMS. You can make the path generic by replacing one branch of the path by a variable like: %INSTANCE%\CPU\utilisation. This varibale can then be recalled in the alarm message or the metric target.
Monitor nameThe name of the metric. It will be used as metric name if a the metric checkbox is enabled
Alarm messageThe alarm message to generate when the threshold is reached. You can use %THRESH% to recall the threshold value that has been breached and %VALUE% to recall the metric current value
ThresholdThe threshold to compare the metric with. CCMS like syntax can be used. G2W:50 W2M:80 M2C:95 (Green to Warning, Waring to Major, etc…)
TargetThe target to set in the metric. You can use variables like %INSTANCE% if you used one to define the metric path
AlarmSends alarms if enabled
MetricSends metrics if enabled


ActiveMonitor tree elementMonitor nameAlarm messageThresholdTargetAlarmMetric
true%INSTANCE%/CPU/UtilizationCPU_UTILIZATIONCPU utilization is %VALUE% (>%THRESH%)G2W:60 W2C:90%INSTANCE%truetrue

Effect : Generates a WARNING alarm if CPU is between 60 and 90, and a Critical alarm if over 90. Generates a metric with the instance name as a target value

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