ICM status and usage

The ICM allows the SAP system to communicate toward other systems and
must be available at all times. This monitor will check the status of the ICM
as well as utilization of connections, threads and queues.

Configuration hints

  • Create rules in the table to be alerted upon the following:
    • Number of current busy threads
    • Number of connections
    • Number of queued requests
    • When a service is inactive

Multi severity threshold


  • Send metrics
    • If enabled, the monitor will send metrics (See metrics table below)

Surveillance table

ActiveTo enable/disable a monitor
InstanceThe instance filter
Max. threads %The threshold for the number of threads
Max connections %The threshold for the number of conenctions
Max queued req. %The threshold for the utilization of the queues
Thres. severityThe severity in case of threshold breach
Status severityThe severity in case of error status
Service status severityThe severity in case a service is not active
Auto clearIf checked, the alarm will be cleared as soon as the alarm condition is not met anymore.
Alarm tagThis field allows to add custom text within the alarm message. %MSG% variable will contain the actual generated message and can be used such as: “my_prefix %MSG% my_suffix”. By default, tag will be used as prefix.
AlarmIf checked, this line of surveillance will be used for alarm generation.
ReportIf checked, this line of surveillance will used for showing threshold and severity in the daily report

Generated metrics

ICM_THREAD_PERCENTAGE_USEDPercentINSTANCESends the threads percentage usage
ICM_CONNECTIONS_PERCENTAGE_USEDPercentINSTANCESends the connections percentage usage
ICM_QUEUES_PERCENTAGE_USEDPercentINSTANCESends the queues percentage usage
ICM_STATUSStatusINSTANCESends TRUE if ICM status is OK, FALSE instead.
ICM_SERVICES_STATUSService StatusINSTANCE/SERVICESends TRUE if ICM service status is active, FALSE instead.
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