Instances status

This monitor will check the status of instances using SAP start service framework. 
Via SAPControl protocol, the instance status can be monitored remotely.
This can be used to remotely check status of components such as Web dispatcher, ICM or application servers

Configuration hints

  • Create a new line in the table and set the appropriate severity to use when an instance become unavailable.
  • You can use the feature field to identify specific services

Surveillance table

ActiveTo enable or disable a rule
MandatoryIf checked, any instance matching this rule and reported as not available will generate an alarm
Expected instanceThe name of an expected instance. If the instance is not found in the list of discovered instances, an alarm will be sent
FeaturesThe features that must be associated to the instance in order to match the filter (J2EE, etc…)
SeverityThe severity of the alert generated if an instance is not available
Auto clearIf set to true, generated alerts will automatically be cleared when an instance becomes available again
PrefixA field to use if you want to prefix alarm message with a given text.
AlarmEnable/disable alarm sending
MetricEnable/disable metric sending
ReportFor future usage in reports

Generated metrics

JAVA_INSTANCES_STATUSStatusINSTANCEContains a TRUE value if the instance is available, FALSE instead
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