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SAP Jobs monitoring


This monitor is dedicated to surveillance of SAP background jobs. It will watch for job error status, duration, delay and job occurrence. You can set general rule to watch any job and be notified as soon as any fails. You can also configure specific rule for a given job to monitor its real schedule or duration.

Configuration hints

Use the surveillance table to adjust the monitoring settings:

  • Use “Load SAP jobs” button to discover jobs available in the system.
  • Select a line and click “Wizard” to open the monitoring configurator.
  • You can set specific threshold and severity for job status, duration, delay and schedule metrics.
  • You can also define the execution calendar of the job in order to stop its monitoring when it is not running .

Note: Job occurrence monitoring can only be configured via the wizard. You will have to define the expected schedule window, by defining its recurrence and duration.

Metrics This monitor can generate 2 types of metrics:

  • Job duration metric
  • Job status metric

If a duration threshold is set, the duration metric will be sent only for jobs with a duration above the threshold.<br/> Status metric for individual job will be sent only If aggregate mode is off and max abort threshold greater than 0.

Atomic fields

Exclusion ListThe exclusion list can be used when you activated to SAP jobs collection in the daily report monitor job. You can specify a list of jobs that you want to ignore, so they do not appear in the report. Note: This has no effect on the real time surveillance!

Surveillance table

ActiveUse this field to activate or deactivate a line of configuration.
Job nameA filter to define the job that you want to monitor. Use * for all.
ClientA filter to match only a subset of clients.
Schedule infoDefines the schedule defined for the job. This field can only be modified via the wizard.
Max abortsThe threshold for the maximum number of aborted jobs within a period.
Abort sev.Defines the severity of the alarm to send if a job get aborted.
AggregateIf checked, an alarm will be sent if the total number of aborted jobs is over the threshold. If not check, then one alarm will be sent per job having a number of abort status equal or greater than the threshold.
Max durationThe threshold for the maximum job duration
Duration severityThe severity for the duration alarm.
Max start delayThe threshold for the maximum execution delay.
Delay severityThe severity for the delay alarm.
Occurrence severityThe severity used for schedule alarm.
CalendarThe execution calendar of the job. The check of the job won't be performed on calendar's closed days.
Alarm tagThis field allows to add custom text within the alarm message. %MSG% variable will contain the actual generated message and can be used such as: “my_prefix %MSG% my_suffix”. By default, tag will be used as prefix.
Advanced matchIf checked, will fetch all executed jobs from SAP and matches them according to specified job name with an advanced method. Collects more data, but allows more advanced matching methods.
ExclusiveIf checked, all jobs matching the rule filter will not be processed by subsequent rules.
AlarmIf checked, this line of surveillance will be used for alarm generation.
MetricIf checked, this line of surveillance will be used for metric generation.


ActiveJob nameClientSchedule infoMax abortsAbort sev.AggregateMax durationDuration severityMax start delayDelay severityOccurrence severityCalendarAlarm tagAlarmMetric
true**From last 15 min1CRITICALfalse0DISABLED0DISABLEDDISABLEDNonefalsetruefalse

Effect : A CRITICAL alarm will be sent for each aborted job occurred in the last 15 minutes


ActiveJob nameClientSchedule infoMax abortsAbort sev.AggregateMax durationDuration severityMax start delayDelay severityOccurrence severityCalendarAlarm tagAlarmMetric
trueMY_JOB*Every 1 HOURS Starting 2015/01/01 10:001CRITICALfalse15WARNING0DISABLEDMAJORNonefalsetruefalse

Effect : Sends a CRITICAL alarm if job MY_JOB is aborted. Sends a WARNING alarm if the job runs for more than 15 minutes. Sends a MAJOR alarm if the job is not scheduled every hour (one alarm per missed slot).

Generated metrics

JOBS_DURATIONSeconds[JOB] (CLIENT)The duration of the job in seconds
JOBS_STATUSStatus[JOB] (CLIENT)The status of the job exexution. TRUE if success, FALSE instead
ABORTED_JOBSAborted jobs[JOB] (CLIENT)The number of aborted jobs matching the filter.
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