Update requests

This monitor is dedicated to the monitoring of SAP updates.
It will look for updates with ERROR, NOT_COMPLETED or INCONSISTENT status. 

Configuration hints

  • This monitor will look for updates in the following states:
    • NOT_COMPLETED: the update is in the temporary table of updates to process
    • ERROR: The update is in the temporary table and has an error status (from VBERROR)
    • INCONSISTENT: The update is orphan and won’t be processed (like the ones from RSM13001→COUNTI)
  • You can customize the monitoring in order to match updates from a specific client, user, TCode or report.
  • Use the surveillance table to adjust the monitoring settings: Thresholds, severity, filters, etc…
  • Only the number of inconsistent updates can be collected, filters won't work with this type.

Multi severity threshold


  • Send metadata:
    • If enabled, this parameter will send collected results as metadata to the configured plugins/integrations
    • It can usually be retrieved as logs or tabular data within the corresponding integrations

Surveillance table

ActiveUse this field to activate or deactivate a line of configuration.
StatusThe status of updates to look for.
ClientA filter to match only a given client or subset of clients
UserA filter to match only a user or a subset of users.
TCodeA filter to match only TCode of a subset of TCodes.
ReportA filter to match only a given report or a subset of reports
ThresholdThe maximum number of updates having the specified status and matching the defined filters.
AggregateIf checked, the threshold will be compared to the total number of updates matching the filter. If not checked, the probe will group updates having the same Client/User/TCode/Report values and compare the cardinality of each group to the threshold. Several alarms can potentially be generated.
SeverityThe level of severity of the alarm generated by this line of surveillance.
Auto clearIf checked, the alarm will be cleared as soon as the alarm condition is not met anymore.
Alarm tagThis field allows to add custom text within the alarm message. %MSG% variable will contain the actual generated message and can be used such as: “my_prefix %MSG% my_suffix”. By default, tag will be used as prefix.
ExclusiveIf checked, result items processed by this rule will not be processed by next ones
AlarmIf checked, this line of surveillance will be used for alarm generation.
MetricIf checked, this line of surveillance will be used for QOS generation.
ReportIf checked, this line of surveillance will used for showing threshold and severity in the daily report


ActiveStatusClientUserTCodeReportThresholdAggregateSeverityAuto clearAlarm tagAlarmMetric
trueERROR****1trueMAJORtrue truefalsefalse

Effect : Sends a MAJOR alarm if any update with ERROR status is found.


ActiveStatusClientUserTCodeReportThresholdAggregateSeverityAuto clearAlarm tagAlarmMetric
trueINCONSISTENT800jdoe**10trueWARNINGtrue truefalsefalse

Effect : Sends a WARNING alarm if there are 10 or more INCONSISTENT updates on client 800 from user jdoe

Generated metrics

UPDATES_ERRORSUpdates[CLIENT][USER][TRANSACTION][REPORT]Sends the number of updates matching the filter, having an error status.
UPDATES_NOT_COMPLETEDUpdates[CLIENT][USER][TRANSACTION][REPORT]Send the number of incomplete updates matching the filter
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