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Oracle Backups


This monitor can monitor backup status, dutation, size and elapsed time since last backup.
You can quickly set general failed backup monitoring rules as well as custom rules for specific types of backups.

Configuration hints

  • Create a new rule and select the type of backup to monitor and the expected status.
  • Use the thresholds fields for setting the maximum duration, size and elapsed time.
  • If a backup with matching the filter is found breaching any threshold, an alarm will be sent.
  • For threshold you can use the multi threshold syntax. If you set a numeric value instead, the secerity field will be used to set the alarm severity.
  • Set a threshold to 0 if you don't want to use it.

Surveillance table

ActiveTo enable/disable a rule
Backup typeA filter on the type backup of the backup
Backup statusA filter on the status the backup
Elapsed time from last backupThreshold for the maximum time elapsed since the backup of the same type.
UnitThe unit of time used for the elapsed time threshold.
Duration time in secThe maximum duration of the backup in seconds.
Backup size in MBThe maximum size of the backup in MB.
SeverityThe severity of the alert sent if a threshold is breached.
Auto clearIf checked, the alarm will be cleared as soon as the alarm condition is not met anymore
Alarm tagThis field allows to add custom text within the alarm message. %MSG% variable will containthe actual generated message and can be used such as: “my_prefix %MSG% my_suffix”. By default, tagwill be used as prefix.
AlarmTo enable alarm sending
MetricTo enable metric sending
ReportIf checked, this line of surveillance will used for showing threshold and severity in the daily report, in case that is available.

Generated metrics

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