Sybase file system


File system is a critical resource for any database to persist database and log data. This monitor is meant to detect situations where file systems used by the database is running out of space.

Configuration hints

Surveillance table:

  • This is a table of rules that you can use to configure and customize the configuration.
  • Each line of the table will define a rule of monitoring.
  • You can combine multiple rules to cover different cases.
  • Within a rule, you can configure a threshold for the file system used space.

Max usage:

  • Use the multi-threshold syntax to set multiple threshold/severity associations: G2W:80 W2M:85 (Green To Warning, Warning To Major, etc…).
  • An alarm of the corresponding severity will be sent if the used space of a file system is reaching a threshold. Set 0 in the field if unused
  • You can set a file system specific rule by setting its name into the file system filter. Use * to match any file system name, or regular expression.

Rules order:

  • Rules are processed following their order in the table.
  • One given file system can only be processed once, it will be ignored by subsequent rules.
  • Therefore you MUST define specific rules (for a give FS) before general ones (for all).

Surveillance table

ActiveIf checked, the rule is enabled and will be processed
File systemA filter to match only a specific file system, can use regular expression, white or black list
Max usage (%)The threshold for the FS disk usage. You can use the multi threshold syntax (Like G2W:80 W2C:90)
SeverityThe default severity used if multi threshold syntax is not used.
Auto clearIf set, clears the alarms that are no longer generated.
Alarm tagThis field allows to add custom text within the alarm message. %MSG% variable will contain the actual generated message and can be used such as: “my_prefix %MSG% my_suffix”. By default, tag will be used as prefix.
AlarmDefines if the alerting is active for this rule.
MetricDefines if the metric generation is active for this rule.
ReportIf checked, this rule will be used for showing threshold and severity in the daily report


ActiveFile systemMax usage (%)SeverityAuto clearAlarm tagAlarmMetricReport
active*G2W:80 W2M:95MAJORtrue truetruefalse

Effect : A WARNING alarm is sent if any file system used space is 80% or more (MAJOR if 95%)

Generated metrics

DATABASE_OS_USED_SPACE%[FILESYSTEM]The disk usage of the file system in percent of the total physical space.
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