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A shortdump occurs when a program crashes in SAP. The reasons can be several:

  • Internal SAP system error
  • Program called with bad/wrong parameters
  • Connection killed during program execution
  • Wrong/missing authorizations

How to investigate

  • When a shortdump associated to the Pro.Monitor user is discovered in the system, it is because of a remote function call which ended badly.
  • To resolve the problem, you need to identify what Function Module or what Report was executed.
  • For that, you need to correlate timestamps of the shortdump with what was executed at this exact same moment in Pro.Monitor, to discover which monitor is the responsible.
  • The best way to do that is by checking the logs.
  • Only one monitor at a time is executed on a system. If a shortdump occurred at 2h 42m 25s, check which monitor was executed in last just before this time.
  • Usually, you should see an exception in the logs giving more info about the reason.
  • In many cases, the monitor can also simply time out and get killed, forcing the connection to close.

How to fix

Shortdump caused by a crash in a monitor

  • Authorization issue: you will need to update the authorization profile of the Pro.Monitor user.
  • Wrong parameter: check the monitor configuration to see if it can be fixed there.
  • Bug: Sometimes the way Pro.Monitor calls Function Module is not appropriate on some versions of SAP, and need to be fixed by a patch.

Shortdump caused by a timeout

How to report the issue

  • If you could not fix the issue, you can raise a ticket to get some support
  • In order to ease the investigation and get a faster answer, you can follow this procedure:
    • Activate DEBUG logs at T0
    • Wait for the dump to happen again (You can let it run of a day or so)
    • Make a screenshot of the ST22 showing the dumps occurred since T0, with visible timestamps
    • Download worker logs matching the short dump timestamp
    • Attach logs and screenshot to the ticket
  • This should be enough information to identify the monitor causing the short dump and give some guidance.
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