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Application startup issues

After the installation or upgrade, you can't reach the UI via your browser.

Java not installed

  • Check java is installed: # java –version must return java version and show a 64-Bit Server edition
  • Make sure the version is compatible with prerequisites

Wrong HTTPS scheme

  • In your browser address bar, enter a valid url, including protocol (i.e. : http://localhost:8888/)
    • Make sure to use the correct HTTP or HTTPS scheme according to the port number.
    • Look in bin/ file to see the configured HTTP and HTTPS ports

Application ports allready used

  • Check the application port: Using nestat or equivalent, check that the configured application port are listening, or not used by another program:
  • In below example, the result shows that the server is listing on port 8443 for any external connections:
[root@server]# netstat -tnlaput
Active Internet connections (servers and established)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address           Foreign Address         State       PID/Program name
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      22978/java
tcp        0      0 *               LISTEN      1022/snmpd
tcp        0      0    *               LISTEN      24552/nginx: master

Firewall is blocking external connections

  • To quickly identify if the firewall is causing probems:
    • Try connecting on the Pro.Monitor port from a different server: # telnet promonitor-server 8443 the connection must open
    • If not opening, try disabling the firewall: # systemctl stop firewalld
    • Try again to external connection. If it works, then the firewall is blocking and you need to add a rule to allow incoming traffic to Pro.Monitor

Pro.Monitor service issues

  • Check if the Pro.Monitor service is installed and running: # systemctl status promonitor

Service is not running:

  • If the service is stopped, start it with # systemctl start promonitor
  • Then look in the logs/server.log file if the service is starting correctly.
  • Check that service status stays

Service is running with error status:

When the service is running with errors, it is often because of failed or incomplete upgrade process. You can recover with the following:

  • Stop the service: # systemctl stop promonitor
  • Check that no promonitor processes are still running: # ps -eaf | grep -i promoni
  • Kill remaining process if any
  • Go to webapps folder and check that ROOT.war file exists
  • Remove ROOT folder (Do not remove ROOT.war file)
  • Restart the service: # systemctl start promonitor
  • Check logs/server.log file

Service is running with error status or having DB errors

In case you can't reach the application and logs are showing DB errors:

  • First, try to redeploy the application as above
  • If still failing, you can try to restart with a fresh DB
    • Stop the service: # systemctl stop promonitor
    • Rename db folder
    • Restart the service: # systemctl start promonitor
    • Test the application and try to log in.
    • Load the latest snapshot to set your configuration back in place.
    • Note: The snapshot doesn't contain any application/historical metadata and those will be lost.
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