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Raising a ticket

Support system

  • Support tickets are managed via our JIRA platform
  • You can register bugs and feature requests
  • If you don't have any account, please request it at

Before Registering a bug

  • Look in the trouble shooting section for some help
  • You might find the solution of the problem

How to register a bug

  • Describe the problem with as much as context as possible
    • Group and system for which the problem happened
    • Timeframe of the problem
    • Recurrence of the problem: How often does it happen ?
  • Attach screenshots of visual problems
  • Activate DEBUG logs long enough to capture the problem
  • Attach logs: Logs are the best way to help solving the problem. There are several kinds of logs that you may attach:
    • Redpeaks server logs
      • Usefull to investigate UI bugs
    • Redpeaks worker logs
      • Usefull to investigate Monitoring errors, shortdumps in SAP systems, connection errors
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