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  • The configuration of global settings of Pro.Monitor is done via the settings menu:


Admin Configuration

Admin configuration is a sub-menu of the settings menu reachable by admin user only. It gives access to the internal settings of Pro.Monitor

  • Logs : Manage log level and download log files
  • Alarms and Metrics : Configure default global thresholds and severities
  • Mail gateway : Allows the application to send emails
  • LDAP : To authenticate Pro.Monitor users via LDAP
  • SAML2 : Configure SSO with SAML2
  • HTTPS : Configure HTTPS settings and import certificates
  • Upload/Download : Upload JCO/HANA drivers and get SAP authorization profiles
  • Maintenance : Manage maintenance message and application restart
  • Update : Download and Install Pro.Monitor updates
  • System : Configure system parameters
  • Multi-instance : Configure the instance mode.
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