Redpeaks Users

Managing users

  • Redpeaks provides a default Administrator super user (username : admin, password : admin).
  • Administrator super user credentials can be changed when installing the application using the wizard.
  • Only Redpeaks users having administrator rights can manage and grant rights to other Redpeaks users.
  • To access Redpeaks users feature : Administrator settings –> Users and Authorizations –> Users
  • Find detailed information about Permissions and Authorizations here : Authorizations & Permissions

  • Quick search input field : enter a text to search among Username and Group table columns
  • Import users button : allows to import Redpeaks users previously saved in a .csv file format

Creating users

  • check “Ask for a password reset” if the new user has to reset his password at first login, the application will automatically take care of this operation
  • check / uncheck the “Activated” option to grant/deny access to the application
  • check “Administrator” if the new user need to have Adminstrator full rights
  • check “Monitoring API user”
  • Authorization profiles : Administrators can assign one or more Authorizations Profiles to a user.
    • select an Authorization profile
    • click on “Add”
    • repeat previous steps to add more Authorizations profiles
    • it is possible to unassign any Authorization profile by clicking the delete icon corresponding to the Authorization profile to be deleted
    • if you need to delete few Authorization profiles at once, use “all / none” checked feature or check single Authorization profiles to be deleted, then click on “Bulk deletion”

Redpeaks users access authorizations

  • Redpeaks gives the possibility to acess the application in two different ways :
    • using an Administrator managed Redpeaks user credentials and rights
    • via LDAP (to access this function, go to : Administrator settings → Admin Configuration → LDAP/AD)
  • If LDAP authentication mode is active and a non authorized user attempts to access the application - entering valid credentials - a message will be sent to the user login page and the option of sending an access authorization request will be given (see image below)

Managing Redpeaks users access authorizations

  • If a user has sent an access authorization request (see above section), the administrator will be notified at log-in (notification message).
  • To manage Access authorization requests go to : Administrator settings → Users → Access authorization requests.

  • Click on a given access request Edit icon to activate, grant administrator rights, validate the access request.

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