Monitoring profiles

Monitoring profiles

  • The ready-to-monitor configuration of all monitors is defined in the profiles
  • To monitor a system, simply assign profiles to its connectors
  • Default profiles are provided to facilitate the setup of the monitoring, you can visualize them via the menu PROFILES → Select default profiles
  • These profiles contains monitors with a default configuration
  • To visualize the content of a profile, simply select one in the PROFILES section, this will display its current monitors

  • Use the assign button to associate a profile to one or several connectors.
  • This will open a screen where you will be able to move connectors from right to left and vice versa.
  • The ones on the left will use the profile
  • Notice that you can also create your own profiles and then define exactly which monitors you want to activate

Profile customization

  • From a profile, you can press the EDIT button to open the list of available monitors (see image below - step 4 -)
  • On the right side are displayed the available monitors and on the left, the ones already used in the profile.
  • Simply move the monitors left and right to add and remove monitors.
  • Warning: If you remove a monitor from a profile, you will loose its customization, and it won’t be used against the assigned systems.

Step 4

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