SL1 integration


  • To visualize SAP monitoring data in your ScienceLogic SL1 instance, you need to install a Redpeaks collector in each data center hosting the systems.
  • Redpeaks will act as a proxy between your SAP systems and a ScienceLogic SL1 collector
  • It will connect remotely to each SAP system and needs to be installed in a network area allowing to do so


  • Those responsible for installing the solution should have the following skills:
    • Basic linux administration for installing software and creating user accounts
    • SAP basis users & authorizations administration
    • Database users administration
    • Network administration to implement network routes
    • SL1 administrator for installing collector and configuring the powerpack


  • A Redpeaks license, requested at
  • A dedicated Linux VM with appropriate specs
  • Network routes open toward SAP application ports
  • A dedicated user created on each system to monitor (See create SAP users)
  • See AGENTIL's Redpeaks Prerequisites Documentation for more details.


Insalling and configuring Redpeaks should not take more than an hour if prerequisites are set correctly

  • Install the JAVA JRE
  • Download the latest Redpeaks package.
  • Copy the package into a temporary folder - Not in /opt
  • Execute below commands:
systemctl start promonitor
  • Redpeaks should be up and running.


You can configure Redpeaks using a web interface:

  • Visit http://[PRO.MONITOR VM HOSTNAME]:8888 in a web browser. The default username/password combination is admin/admin

Install license

  • Click the gear icon on the top right to open a menu. Then, select Licenses.
  • Copy the provided license keys and save

Install drivers

  • Get the latest SAP JCO driver for Linux and unzip the file to extract a tgz archive.
  • Click the gear icon on the top right to open a menu. Then, select Admin configuration and go the Upload/Download section.
  • Click on Install JCO driver and select the driver file (file name similar to sapjco30P_17-10005328_linux.tgz).

Connection to ScienceLogic SL1

  • The SL1 collector will pull data from Redpeaks API to discover SAP environement and collect SAP metadata.
  • You just need to create a Generic event server to activate the API
  • Click the gear icon on the top right to open a menu. Then, select Plugins.
  • Select the Generic server type in the plugin selector and press create.

Connection to SAP

For connecting Redpeaks to a SAP system, you will need first to create a group, a system, a user and a connector.

  • Create your first group

  • Fill the group formular
  • Don't foget to set group shortname and company shortname:

  • You can now create your first system
  • From the group contextual menu, select “Add system”
  • Select the appropriate system
  • Don't forget to set system shortname

  • Now you can create a user
  • From configure menu, select add user

  • User profiles are associated to a group
  • It will be used later when creating a connector

  • Now you can create connector
  • From the system contextual menu, select “Add connector”
  • Select the appropriate connector type

  • Then fill the connector form
  • The connector holds the necessary connection parameters to reach the system
  • Press Save&Test, you should see a green popup indicating a successful connection

Configure monitoring

The monitoring of SAP systems is done via monitoring profiles

  • Create your first profile
  • You can import, create and customize profiles from the profiles section on the left

  • From the profiles menu, select Select default profiles
  • Select the ScienceLogic SL1 profile and press Save.
  • The imported profile will appear in the list of profiles
  • Now you can assign your profile via the assign button

  • From the assign menu, just move the available connectors from right to left, then save.
  • Your connectors are now associated with a set of predefined monitors

  • Last step: Activate the monitoring:
  • Select a connector and press “Start monitoring”

Monitoring is now active for all your systems, which you should see in ScienceLogic SL1.

ScienceLogic SL1 configuration


For support or feature requests, contact AGENTIL Software at

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