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HR Control policy

It is critical to have a Human Resource Control Management Policy in place to protect our business from internal security breaches caused by 
employee misconduct or negligence. This policy covers three key areas: background check processes, employee security awareness training, 
and employee monitoring and control measures.

Background Check Process

  • All potential employees must undergo a thorough background check before being hired.
  • The background check should include verification of employment history, education, criminal record, and references.
  • The results of the background check must be reviewed by the HR team, and any issues or concerns must be addressed before the candidate is hired.

Employee Security Awareness Training

  • All employees must receive regular security awareness training to ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities and obligations when it comes to protecting our systems and data.
  • This training should cover topics such as password security, email phishing, social engineering, physical security, and incident reporting.
  • Employees must complete the training before starting their job, and refresher training should be provided annually.

Employee Monitoring and Control Measures

To ensure that employees are following security policies and procedures, the following monitoring and control measures must be implemented:

  • Access Control:
    • Employees must only be granted access to systems and data that are necessary for their job role.
    • Access control measures should be in place to restrict access to sensitive data and systems.
  • Internet Usage:
    • Internet usage should be monitored to ensure that employees are not accessing inappropriate or unauthorized websites or downloading malicious software.
  • Email Monitoring:
    • Email usage should be monitored to ensure that employees are not sending or receiving sensitive or confidential information without proper authorization.
  • Incident Reporting:
    • Employees must report any security incidents or breaches to the HR team immediately.
    • The HR team must investigate the incident and take appropriate action to mitigate any damage or risks.


  • This Human Resource Control Management Policy provides a framework for managing employee security and minimizing the risk of internal security breaches.
  • By implementing background check processes, employee security awareness training, and monitoring and control measures, our organization can maintain a secure and stable computing environment.
  • All employees are expected to comply with this policy, and failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.
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