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Business Problem

SAP have a fully dedicated monitoring system, integrated with a complete ITSM management suite. Because of an extreme complexity, configuring and setting this up for multiple systems requires a strong knowledge and a huge amount of works. This is very expensive for companies, who didn’t have such expertise and peoples most of the time​

​The goal of our integration is to provide an efficient Monitoring system, easy to deploy for your multiple SAP environment. Our solutions are driven by field expertise. We focus on your business, providing an innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions.​

A single Location where all your SAP environments are monitored​

Desired Outcomes

Use the power of service Now with your SAP Landscape​

  • Easy set up for Notifications​
  • Easily create Incident , change , problems … related to SAP events or metrics​
  • Generate Service Now Reports dynamically from SAP events or metrics​
  • Setup System Automations triggered by SAP events or metrics​

Use ProMonitor Reporting System to get a Clear state of a SAP Landscape​

Automation possible

Every kind of automation could be implemented, depending on needs and security concern



You want to create a service offer for SAP monitoring ? But SAP is complex and the investment in SAP expert manpower is not an option for you.​

Our solution will help to reduce significantly your investment and to offer a full featured service at a competitive price ​


  • Optimize team productivity and monitoring cost​
  • Maximize investments in SAP by preserving a high level of service for your applications​
  • Reduce expertise dependency on the monitoring​
  • Ensure SLA is respected by their service provider​


  • Finally a simple and user friendly solution for your daily work​
  • Automates many repetitive tasks, like problem triage, performance check, etc…​
  • Reduce daily check task to a single minute per system​
  • Extensive monitoring configuration mechanism allowing to cover very specific use cases​
  • Auto discovery of SAP components for a very fast configuration​


  • Accurately monitor your SLA​
  • Reports for capacity planning​
  • Role-based interface for an adapted display​

Personas- For Whom ?

Support Engineer​

  • Use ServiceNow Portal with ProMonitor ServicePortal for Managing SAP systems thought pages. Get useful information's gathered on SAP regarding response time, or number of connected users, or any other metrics extracted from SAP instance​
  • Use ServiceNow interface to interact with Alarms​
  • Receives notifications, consult system HEALTH ProMonitor Report​

Support Manager

  • Can build ServiceNow report based on Alarms, incident creations​
  • Receives notifications​

Application Administrator

  • Install new systems​
  • Configure New metrics​
  • Deploy automations (for incident creation rules, change, problem management…)​
  • Configure notifications​
  • Configure ProMonitor thought Web Interface
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