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HTTPS settings


  • Activate or deactivate HTTPS by checking or unchecking this option
  • Pro.Monitor HTTPS port number is set 8443 by default
  • You can set another port number using the “HTTPS redirection port” input field

  • Default certificate will not work in Multi-instance mode, agents will refuse the connection because the certificate is not bound to server IP address
  • In this case, you must generate a self signed certificate and bind it to the local IP
  • Generated certificates will be stored in the keystore
  • Pro.Monitor keystore is located in the certificates/.keystore file of Pro.Monitor install folder

ATTENTION : Be aware that any modification in security settings will be effective only after restarting Pro.Monitor

About Adding certificates

  • There are several reasons why you might need to register certificates for secure connections:
    • Secure LDAP
    • Secure plugin
    • Secure primary server (for agents)
    • Secure SAPControl or portal connection
  • First you need to get the certificate and then to install it.

Generating a certificate

  • Click on “Generate a self-signed certificate”
  • Enter the domain name or the IP address of your instance
  • Save

Downloading and installing a certificate

  • Simply click on Download and install a self-signed certificate
  • Enter the URL of the server holding the certificate you want to import
  • Enter the Common Name of the certificate (If you don't know the common name, use your browser to visualize the certificate parameters, it is listed there.)
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