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  • Pro.Monitor can use a LDAP for handle the users Pro.Monitor.
  • The first time connection to Pro.Monitor with LDAP send a request authorization.
  • The admin must accept the request for allow the access (a notification will be visible)

Pro.monitor versions prior to 6.7

  • Notice that a new input field, “Logon attribute” has been added in Pro.Monitor version 6.7
  • The default value for this field is : sAMAccountName
  • If you had set a given value in the field “Filter” in versions prior to 6.7 and you make un upgrade to 6.7 :
    • Please enter that value in the new field “Logon attribute”
  • Notice that, starting from Pro.Monitor version 6.7, the defaul value of field “Filter” is : (objectclass=person)


  • Active : Check this option to activate or deactivate LDAP credentials authentication
  • URL : URL LDAP server
  • Base : Group LDAP
    • Example :OU=Users,OU=AGL
  • Filter :
    • Example : (&(objectClass=person)(!(objectClass=computer))(!(sAMAccountName=a-*))(!(sAMAccountName=ext-*))(!(sAMAccountName=svc-*))(!(sAMAccountName=s_*)))
    • Notice that the value of this field MUST BE ENCLOSED IN BRACKETS
  • Logon attribute :
    • Example : sAMAccountName
  • Manage DN : LDAP connection user
  • Manager password : LDAP connection user's password
  • Once the fields above explained are set, it is possible to test
  • About Test results :
    • It will indicate if the connection has been successful or not
    • Will display all Organizational Unhits (OU) that have been found
    • Will show all users found
    • In the left input field, you can make a quick search entering the OU you want to find
    • In the right input field, you can make a quick search entering the user logon attribute value you want to find
    • You can also enter a Username and Password, click on Test button to check if a particular user is well authenticated.

Ask an authorization access

  • Connect to Pro.Monitor with LDAP account
  • Click on Ask for Authorization

Accept LDAP user authorization

  • Connect to Pro.Monitor with admin
  • Go in Pro.Monitor user interface
    • Click on setting icon
    • Click on Pro.Monitor user sub menu
  • Accept the user in tab Authorization applications

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