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Install licenses

NetWeaver and S/4HANA license

  • Allows to monitor SAP NetWeaver and S/4HANA application platform: ABAP and JAVA stacks as well as portal
  • One license allows to monitor one system (SID), regardless the number of application servers


  • Allows to monitor standalone HANA database
  • One license allows to monitor one system (SID), regardless the number of nodes

SAP BusinessObjects

  • Allows to monitor SAP BusinessObjects
  • One license allows to monitor one instance of BusinessObjects


  • From the admin menu, open the license section
  • This will display a table showing licenses already registered
  • Copy and paste your license key and press Apply license key
  • A key will define the following:
    • How much systems can be monitored
    • The Redpeaks instance on which it is allowed to run (identified by IP)
    • A validity period
  • Once the key is applied, you will be allowed to create connectors of the associated types
  • If a license becomes invalid because it has expired or is not matching the instance IP, the monitoring will stop

CAUTION : If you delete a key, all associated connectors will be removed from the configuration

NOTE : Only instance with primary server role (see instance roles) need to have a license installed


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