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Release note


  • After an upgrade, some UI bugs can be experienced on your browser. If it is the case, try clearing your browser cache (Ctrl+F5 for Chrome/Firefox)
  • You must provide SAP drivers for NetWeaver and HANA at first installation (see install guide)
  • We advise using latest version of Java openJDK (free to use) instead of JAVA JRE (subject to license costs, as per Oracle new EULA)


  • Only use with Java 1.8 161 or greater
  • When using Pro.Monitor in a multi agent architecture, it is advised to upgrade all agents and server with the same version**
  • DO NOT use an agent with a greater version than server

V6.8.3 Main changes

Build 2924 (16/03/2022)

type description
Improvement Truststore: Make possible to set trustore file by parameters
Improvement IDOC: Simplify metrics generation
Improvement Datadog plugin: Change source name to agentil_software_sap_netweaver
Improvement SAP jobs: Change aborted jobs alarm message and supp key when non aggregate
Improvement MSSQL backup: Fix wrong metrics values
Improvement Datadog plugin: Add support for IDOC in logs
Improvement Improved SQLcheck configuration
Improvement Fix vulnerability on spring/log4j dependencies
Improvement SAPconnect: monitor optimized to collect less results
Improvement SAP transactions monitor: Collect more preformance metrics
Bug Fix Sybase backup timezone issue
Bug HTTPS port replaced in server.xml instead of
Bug OracleBackups: Autoextend not collected with size
Bug Instance check status: Failed to alert when no instance are set
Bug Fix UIM plugin endpoint
Bug Customization Audit report: Add missing system role
Bug Idoc alarms not sent if system TZ is different than PM

Build 2813 (16/03/2022)

type description
Improvement Datadog: Add syslog metadata
Improvement SAPConnect: Add options for SOOD table query
Bug Syslog: From time is not using local system timezone
Bug Fix JDK17 compatibility issue with hibernate & derby
Bug Job parsing error: add more logs
Bug Fix sybase backups age wrongly reporting old DELTA backups
Bug Fix RFC_READ_TABLE returned fields order
Bug Alarm rules: Fixes special match
Bug Fix plugin clearError bug

Build 2795 (24/02/2022)

type description
New Feature Push Drivers from CI to Agents
Improvement MSSQL: Add db used space
Improvement BusinessObjects: Improve metrics generation
Improvement Authorizations: filter on group names
Improvement Enable to filter on tags and groups in authorization profile modal
Improvement Profile Customization report: Add connector state
Improvement GenericEventServer: Set instance name as connector name when missing
Improvement Monitor jobs scheduling improvements
Improvement Use group name instead of group shortname in generic event server
Improvement Allow to add DB connectors under BO system
Improvement Speed up license check
Improvement Datadog plugin: Handle organizations
Improvement Custo report: add fields
Improvement Sap jobs: Add aggregated delay check
Improvement SAP jobs: Add job recipients table
Bug OracleBackups: Failed to add backups in reports
Bug GenericEventServer not imported from snapshots
Bug Dump details: DATA_LOSS dump after new upgrade
Bug Company name on group lost after apply snapshot
Bug Fix external metadata collector not picking data sometimes
Bug System change tracking: Wrongly reports change on group
Bug ApplicationLogs: Fix SPAS field
Bug Report Email Sending : Use TLS 1.2 and fix file extension in attachement
Bug RFC_READ_TABLE compatibility with 7.50 PL 22
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