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Multi instance

  • Several Pro.Monitor instances can work together to distribute monitoring workload.
  • The instance with primary role will manage the configuration and distribute tasks to the ones with agent role.
  • A primary server can also act as an agent.
  • A standalone Pro.Monitor instance will therefore be a primary server and an agent.
  • Communication between Server and agents is Unidirectionnal: Only agents will initiate connection to the Server.
  • The Server doesn't require any inbound connection to the agent's network.
  • The server can therefore be publicly accessible while the agents can be in protected area: No need for SSL tunnel, VPN or complex network settings to deploy a mutli-instance implementation and centrally manage the monitoring of multiple isolated environments.
  • This architecture can also be used to add more robustness, by having several monitoring agents and be resilient in case one goes down.

Role settings

  • Go to Settings→Admin configuration→Multi-instance.

  • In the Multi-instance tab, you can configure:
    • Primary server role : If active, the instance will centrally manage monitoring configuration
    • Agent: If active, the instance will execute monitoring tasks (connect to systems, detect problems, generate metrics and alerts)
    • Agent name: A meaningful name to identify the agent in the primary sever (something better than IP)
    • Primary server URL: The primary server to bind to.
    • Download and install a certificate
      • Simply click on “Download and install a self-signed certificate” button and Pro.Monitor will perform all necessary operation to have the job done !
      • Be aware of the following :
        • Default certificate will not work in Multi-instance mode, agents will refuse the connection because the certificate is not bound to server IP address
        • In this case, you must generate a self signed certificate and bind it to the local IP
        • Generated certificates will be stored in the keystore
        • Pro.Monitor keystore is located in the certificates/.keystore file of Pro.Monitor install folder
        • ATTENTION : Any change in security settings will be effective only after restarting Pro.Monitor

Standalone server role

  • This is the default mode, no specific configuration is required.
  • Primary server and agent roles are both enabled. In this mode, Pro.Monitor is an agent and a primary server at the same time.
  • The server will manage the configuration, user interface and execute monitoring tasks.
  • Every Pro.Monitor instance with an enabled agent has a local agent used to execute monitoring tasks.
  • The agent will appear automatically in the list of accepted agents and cannot be deleted.

NOTE: In standalone mode, it is not necessary to assign groups to the local agent. But if you do so, unassigned groups won't be monitored.

Primary server role

  • In this mode, Pro.Monitor will manage the configuration of the monitoring and distribute tasks to one or several remote agents.
  • It will be used as monitoring portal for the users and also hold the database, and connect to the plugins.
  • Primary server role must be active in the Multi-instance tab
  • Full primary server URL, including scheme and port number must be registered in the Primary server URL field of each agent
  • Each agent bound to the server must be accepted once by the admin
  • Associations between groups and agents must be done via the Agents groups tab.
  • One group can be managed by several agents, in that case, group workload will be distributed across each compatible agent.
  • Some system settings from primary server will be propagated automatically to each agent:
    • Number of parallel tasks
    • Monitoring process timeout
    • Log level and duration
  • Most others like Monitoring process memory will still be local settings
  • If the Agent role is enabled, the local agent will be used as any remote agents.

NOTE: You can visualize agent activities in the Monitor statistics menu (Must activate monitors results retention in System tab)

Agent role

  • In Multi-instance tab, activate Agent mode and deactivate Primary server role
  • Define the agent name to use
  • Set the primary server URL
  • Save the settings. The agent will connect to the primary server and will be handled from there.
  • Some local settings will still remain available, such as System→monitoring processes memory or log retention
  • Connecting to primary server in HTTPS:
    • Server must use an certificate generated for its actual IP (will not work will the default certificate)
    • Download server certificate using your browser and add it in the Pro.Monitor keystore of the agent (see HTTPS config for more details)


  • If the instance was previously used as a server, its configuration will be hidden until switched back to its server role.
  • The Agent doesn't require any licence
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