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MAXDB backups


Backups are important for disaster recovery, you have to make sure that DATA and LOG are saved regularly.
This monitor will look for the time elapsed between last backup as well as backup errors and log modes

Configuration hints

  • Use the configuration table to setup monitoring rules for your backups

Maximum backup age

  • You can set the maximum age for each type of backup
  • Set backup type field to match a particular type of backup, or use star (*) to match any
  • Set Max backup age field to receive an alarm if too much time elapsed since last backup.
    • This field can contain an absolute number (unit in minutes). In that case, the Severity field will be used to define alarm severity.
    • You can also set a multi threshold value like: G2W:120 W2M:180 M2C:300 (Warning if above 120, Major if above 180, Critical if above 300)

Backup errors

  • If Error severity field is not set to DISABLED, an alarm will be sent in case of backup error.
  • Set Error code to match a particular error code, use * to match any
  • If Exclusive is set and a backup error matching Error code is found, this specific backup will not be processed by next monitoring rules of the table.

LOG mode

  • Use LOG mode table to check if LOG mode is configured as expected
    • Set Expected mode with the expected configuration.
    • If the discovered mode does not match, an alarm will be sent using severity set in Severity field

Atomic fields

Send metrics
If set, the monitor will send metric for the last backup age

Surveillance table

ActiveIf checked, the rule is enabled and will be processed
Backup typeTo filter on a particular type of backup. Use this field to differentiate the monitoring of LOG and DATA by example
Max. Backup ageDefines the threshold for the maximum age of a backup
SeverityDefines the severity of the alert generated in the case of a too old backup (unless multi threshold syntax is used)
Error codeTo set a particular backup error code to look for, use * to match any
Error severityThe severity of the generated alarm in case of backup errors
Auto clearIf set, the monitor will CLEAR any previous alarm if the conditions of those alarms are not true anymore
Alarm tagYou can define some text to use as a prefix of the alarm message generated by the current rule
ExclusiveIf set to true and a backup error matches the Error field, this particular backup will not be processed by next rules
AlarmDefines if an alarm has to be generated for the given rule

Generated metrics

MAXDB_BACKUP_AGEminutesTYPESends disk usage per type of storage
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