Database issues

Too big database

  • In some cases, the DB can grow too big because data retention is not configured properly or not working.
  • The impacts could be:
    • Server disk full
    • Slow UI response
    • Monitoring stopping

How to fix

  • You can recover from this situation if you have some backup snapshots, usually located in the snapshots folder
  • Stop Redpeaks service, and wait that its process is terminated
  • Move, rename or delete the uiweb folder, containing the DB files.
  • Restart Redpeaks server: A new empty database will be created
  • Log in using the admin user credentials configured during the installation.
  • Go in the snapshots menu and apply the latest snapshot
  • The server will have recovered its configuration.
  • Have a look in the Admin→System section and check data retention settings.
  • It is advised not to keep monitor jobs results more than a couple of days.
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