6. Upload/Download


  • Redpeaks needs the JCO library to monitor ABAP stack systems:
  • This involves the following files:
    • Windows :
      • sapjco3.jar
      • sapjco3.dll
    • Linux :
      • sapjco3.jar

Uploading JCO

  • From settings menu, open admin configuration sub-menu
  • Select Upload/Download
  • Click on Upload JCO library
  • Windows: Upload the .zip file as downloaded from SAP repository, do not unzip it.
  • Linux: Upload the .tgz file as downloaded from SAP repository.


  • Redpeaks needs the HANA driver to monitor HANA systems
  • The driver can be found at Maven repository
  • Select the latest version, then navigate to view all and download the ngdbc-<VERSION>.jar file

Uploading HANA driver

  • From the top right, click on the setting icon
  • Select the admin configuration sub-menu
  • Click on tab Upload/Download
  • Click on upload HANA driver
  • Upload the ngdbc.jar file

Note: If the upload operation fails, the files can be copied manually in the lib folder of the application.

Downloading Redpeaks utility files

  • SAP user profile : A communication user with a restricted authorization profile is required in each monitored ABAP

system. Simply download this file to get the authorizazion profile that is required to fully monitor a System using Redpeaks

  • SAP transport : Because of SAP’s client mechanisms for data isolation (000/200/800 etc.…), in some cases the probe will only access to the data available in its client of connection.

By example, the user of the probe is connected in client 000, it will not see the jobs running in client 800, and therefore won’t be able to monitor them. The monitor jobs concerned by this restriction are the following:

  • SAP jobs
  • IDOC
  • SAP Connect
  • Transports
  • Spools

A workaround is to create one connector for each client. The drawbacks are that you need to create several users per system and it makes the configuration mechanism more difficult. To overcome this problem, an optional transport can be installed. Simply download this file to get the optional transport above mentioned

  • Installation guide : Click on this button to download a complete guide concerning : System requirements, Redpeaks installation, initial configurations, trouble-shooting.
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