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Term Definition
Group/Company An organizational unit for grouping systems. It will also used for isolation purpose.
System An SAP system as per SAP terminology, commonly identified by a trigram, its SID (System ID)
Connector Defines how to connect to a system (technical settings for remote connection: host, credentials, etc…)
Monitor A “check” dedicated to a given area/module in SAP (disk, logs, …). Can be configured with a set of filters, thresholds, severities, etc…
Profile A configuration template composed of one or several monitors, defining how a set of components will be monitored
Plugin A connection to a external solution/third party, for sending alarms, metrics or reports
Snapshot A backup of the entire monitoring configuration and application settings
Alarm An event generated by a monitor when a problem is detected with a monitored component
Metric A data point reflecting a status or a measure of a component
Surveillance table A table of rules within a monitor, used to configure the monitoring of a component
Tag It is a “label” that can be assigned - currently - to Systems only
Agent This is an instance of Redpeaks configured to act as a local monitoring unit, connected to a Primary instance
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